Whitepaper: Rookie Onboarding Done Right


Apr 26, 2019


Rookie Onboarding is about welcoming new accounts into the organization’s community. From our work across sports leagues and franchises, we’ve seen that the more a member is engaged, the more they will attend and spend over their lifetime as a customer – creating more passionate, long-term fans that every organization strives for.

How can you create a Rookie Onboarding program at your organization? We’ve seen partners succeed by structuring a new package buyer program so there are strategic and meaningful touchpoints with rookie season ticket holders throughout the year. Granular details about how your onboarding process works will depend on your organization’s nuances but we’ve included some great best practices that you can easily integrate, along with a full rookie onboarding plan example if you don’t know where to start.

Learn how your organization can create a home run Rookie Onboarding program in this new whitepaper from StellarAlgo!

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