Customer Wins

LA Galaxy drive more than $532k in raw revenue


conversion of 4 and 5 star leads


greater than average lead conversion


raw revenue from improved ability to identify top leads

The Goal

The LA Galaxy wanted to better understand how to retain and nurture their individual match buyers as well as increase their sales and marketing efficiency by understanding who to contact first

What We Did

  • Scored and prioritized customers using fan behavior data, including ticket purchase patterns and average attendance,  from the last three seasons
  • Created six unique customer segments allowing for automated transparency into what nurturing activities are working
  • Automated the ticketing feed and used machine learning to allow for continuing rescoring and reprioritization leading to a better understanding of when and how to contact customers to maximize conversion and customer lifetime value

How We Did It

  • StellarAlgo segmentation toolkit: Cohort Builder & Analyzer, Sales by Geographical Region, Customer Migration by Season, Attendance Patterns
  • StellarAlgo machine learning toolkit: Lead Engagement
  • StellarAlgo KPI dashboards: Sales by Product, Date & Event
  • CRM and Marketing automation data​

“Getting data-driven answers to our questions used to be laborious and time-consuming, but StellarAlgo’s data platform provides us with user-friendly ways to answer questions instantly. The platform synthesizes data into easily interpreted visualizations, delivers sales and marketing insights, and makes it easy for us to act on those insights. StellarAlgo has accelerated our ability to identify and capture opportunities as they occur. The StellarAlgo team is remarkably responsive and communicative and has been a pleasure to work with. They’ve done the heavy lifting to help us get ahead of the game.”

Lisa Rollins

Director, Analytics & Research

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Stellar Results.

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