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Understand your fans and how they want to connect

Are you attracting more school groups or families? Are fans purchasing merchandise? What’s generating more revenue – online streaming or live attendance? In-depth insights into fan engagement (past, present, and forecasted) show you how your fan base is growing and changing year over year.

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Accelerate your marketing strategy

Don’t wait until the end of the season to see what worked and what didn’t. Quickly segment fans based on what, where, and how they engage, in-season and off-season. Push segmented lists to your favorite marketing tools to test campaigns, and pull real-time data to learn what drives the most value for the organization.

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Retain and grow season ticket members

Full-season ticket membership is dropping across the industry. Automated lead and retention scoring empowers your team to identify high-value leads and prioritize marketing efforts for renewals, upsells, or downsells.

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Insights you can action

Whitepaper: Unlock the full potential of your fan data

When used in conjunction with the right tools, a data warehouse can enable organizations to make informed, data-driven decisions.

Run with the playbook

Apply Stellar Plays to your sales and marketing strategy to boost engagement and scale revenue.

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Plays for the win

Backed and informed by our own industry research and 200M fan data asset, Stellar Plays are built by data scientists and tenured sports business experts. Stellar Plays map to your in-season and off-season business cycles, so you never miss an opportunity to realize value from your fan data.

Win back single-game buyers

It’s no surprise upwards of 85% of single-game ticket buyers don’t come back. Identify and engage these fans with a proven, personalized campaign strategy.

On average, teams that execute this strategy win back 5%+ of lapsed ticket buyers.

Capture the energy of first-known attendees

The fresh experience of first-known attendees represents an opportunity for tailored engagement.

Top-performing teams that execute this strategy achieve up to 15% increase in first-known attendees returning for at least one more game.

Retain package buyers

Membership services teams use StellarAlgo’s machine learning tools to prioritize package buyer touchpoints and maximize in-house bandwidth.

Teams that execute this strategy have seen up to a 12% increase in critical full-season renewals.

Expand your engagement

Nurture marketing opt-in from your casual fans to bring them into the fold. Enable omnichannel strategies that maximize engagement and opportunities for conversion.

Friends and family of the fan

Use your 360° view of the fan to identify opportunities to reach their friends and family. Personalize your marketing approach to their unique demographics to get the entire social circle engaged.

A Customer Success team you can count on

Your success is our success. No one knows the ins and outs of the StellarAlgo Platform (or your fan data) better than our expert Customer Success team. Think of us as your coach, captain, MVP, and #1 fan all rolled into one. We help you get familiar with platform features, execute Stellar Plays, and identify and understand emerging trends in your data.

News you should know

MiLB’s Somerset Patriots ink partnership deal with StellarAlgo

StellarAlgo and the Somerset Patriots, the New York Yankees Double-A Affiliate, are pleased to announce their new partnership. As part of a multi-year agreement, the Patriots are looking to use the StellarAlgo Platform to help better understand their fans, sell more single game tickets, and grow their package-buying base.

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