Vince Ircandia talks about how StellarAlgo helps partners retain and nurture their fanbase on the Sports Geek Podcast

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Apr 16, 2019


From Sports Geek

Our Founder and CEO, Vince Ircandia, was recently featured in Sports Geek’s podcast about his entry into sports and diving into the business analytics to see where teams can maximize revenue. Check out this quote and full link to the podcast below:

“I think the important part of being a data nerd is knowing the practical knowledge and information that can become actionable out of that data.”  –Vincent Ircandia


4:37 Vincent Ircandia’s backstory on his sports career journey

8:27 What are the similarities between different fan bases

9:16 Vincent on moving to Portland Trailblazers and working on leveraging their data

15:37 How StellarAlgo started out

20:27 Where does StellarAlgo fit inside a sports organization

24:22 How StellarAlgo helps the teams or organizations start their data journey

27:05 How StellarAlgo’s data platform helped LA Galaxy retain and nurture their fan base

32:55 Vincent’s thoughts on the value of data in esports teams

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