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Feb 22, 2022


Company’s continued growth spurs new business unit serving organizations outside NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, and MLS

Calgary, Alberta – After closing a $16.5 million Series A funding raise in November 2021, StellarAlgo has launched a new Emerging Leagues business unit (ELBU), expanding its industry-leading capabilities to organizations outside the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, and MLS. Recognizing the significant growth and opportunity of these emerging teams and leagues, StellarAlgo’s new ELBU will offer services and support specialized to the unique needs and cultures of these businesses. To date, StellarAlgo has partnered with more than 30 emerging teams and leagues across North America.

Helming this first-of-its-kind business unit, StellarAlgo has promoted veteran executive Megan Kurcwal to the role of SVP, Sales and Emerging Leagues Business Operations. Coupled with her experience and successes on both the team- and league-side of the industry, Megan has been pivotal to the company’s foundational marketing strategy and revenue growth since 2018.

“I’m thrilled and humbled to be given the trust of our leadership team to lead the Emerging Leagues business unit. We have ambitious goals for the ELBU, not only to continue delivering a high level of support, insights, and education to our partners, but also to ensure we are prioritizing the right products and tools to help them make the biggest impact,” said Kurcwal. “The strategic move we’re embarking on will be a game-changer for our Emerging Leagues partners – 2022 brings the next era of growth and evolution to StellarAlgo, and we’re looking forward to how our platform, and this new business unit, will continue to drive our partners’ ability to connect and engage with their fans.”

With the return of live events in 2021, a host of teams and leagues are showing exceptional promise and opportunity for future growth, whether through league expansions, fan acquisition and engagement potential, or their focus on delivering the most meaningful connections to fans as efficiently as possible. With its strategic vision for the future, the ELBU will continue to provide these teams and leagues with a strong partner that brings them the technology, industry knowledge and expertise to help them drive measurable results.

“Our Emerging Leagues partners represent an important and growing component of our business and have since StellarAlgo’s founding. We see amazing potential to create value and to better serve this unique segment of the market as we continue to enter new verticals and experience tremendous growth,” said Vincent Ircandia, founder and CEO at StellarAlgo. “Megan is a tremendous leader with a game-changing understanding of how our platform can accelerate an organization’s ability to monetize its fans, and has put together some of the largest partnership agreements in our company’s history – there’s no one who represents our commitment to excellence, or is more qualified to lead this growing business unit.”

The Emerging Leagues business unit has already begun to transition and grow dedicated resources – after spending nearly two years at StellarAlgo in a senior engineering role building our AWS pipelines and working through some of the company’s largest implementations, Nate Hyatt transitions to the ELBU as Team Lead and Head of Engineering; Nate will lead a team of engineers to ramp up technical implementations and support. Recently, Paul Rich and Jane Obringer-Dunlap joined StellarAlgo as part of the ELBU in Sales & Account Management, and Customer Success roles respectively. Additional hires are expected to follow in the upcoming months. For more information on StellarAlgo, please visit

About StellarAlgo

Founded in 2016, StellarAlgo is the leading Customer Cloud Platform (CCP) for the sports and entertainment industry, serving live audience organizations in North America and Europe, including enthusiast brands, sports teams, sponsors, and live events properties. With the most modern Data Warehouse (DW) offering on the market underpinning its flagship Customer Data Platform (CDP), industry professionals use StellarAlgo’s Customer Cloud Platform to connect and engage with fans on a personalized level never before seen in the industry.

Backed by proprietary machine learning technology trained on over 40-billion interaction data points across more than 100-million unique records, StellarAlgo’s Customer Cloud Platform enables industry professionals to predict and understand how fans engage with their favorite properties while implementing a fan-centric approach that maximizes the lifetime value of their fan universe – it’s the reason more than 85 major and minor league sports franchises, entertainment, and live audience organizations put the StellarAlgo platform at the core of their operations. StellarAlgo is headquartered in Calgary, Canada. For more information, please visit

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