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Sep 23, 2019


NHL team enhances relationship with analytics firm to further understanding of their fans

Los Angeles, CA – StellarAlgo and the LA Kings are proud to announce an extension of their partnership. The LA Kings are using StellarAlgo’s Customer Data Platform to further understand their fans via customer journey mapping and predictive segmentation.

“We’re looking forward to gaining a more complete understanding of how our fans interact with us as a whole – across time and systems – so that we can connect with them in the best way possible,” said Aaron LeValley, Senior Vice President, Business Operations and Strategy for the LA Kings & AEG Sports. “StellarAlgo’s CDP has made our data more predictive and accessible so we can swiftly understand and action our data. As we extend our partnership with StellarAlgo, we are focused on enhanced visibility into our fan journeys which will help us interact with our fans in the most timely and authentic ways possible.”

Understanding how fans interact with and are nurtured across time and systems is a challenge faced by organizations in the Sports & Entertainment industry. StellarAlgo’s Customer Data Platform is able to swiftly connect to both source systems and existing data infrastructures, while connecting fan journeys in a cohesive way to deliver predictive, actionable insights. This new holistic view of an organization’s fanbase is augmented by powerful machine learning and segmentation tools that allow organizations to better understand their different fan segments and how best to connect with them.

“We are seeing industry leaders like the Kings taking steps to make data accessible for the entire organization,” said James Elliot, Director of Customer Success at StellarAlgo. “The Kings already understand the value of segmentation and are looking to take it a step further now. The added ability to scale their personalized nurturing efforts at the appropriate time through a fan’s desired life cycle will significantly enhance the engagement and affinity of their fans.”

StellarAlgo’s customer data platform uses machine-learning technology to enable live audience organizations to gain valuable insights on their fan universes. The platform’s predictive capabilities allow organizations to understand customer propensities for products and events while also unlocking the why behind conversion. StellarAlgo works with major and minor league sports franchises along with live annual events, concerts, museums and more.

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