Calgary’s StellarAlgo is Bringing its AI Talents to Sports Leagues Across North America

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Sep 25, 2019



We were recently featured on in an article on how we help sports teams in North America gain insight into their fan universe. Check out this excerpt from the article!:

Analytics has become a buzzword for professional sports in the last few years. Teams and fans are familiar with how analytics are applied to the performance of athletes, but a Calgary-based company is applying analytics to how teams connect with their fans.

“For us, it’s all about building and reinforcing the fan experience: matching fans with the products that they would want and tailoring the marketing to them,” said Sean Fynn, CTO of StellarAlgo. “Doing this well is hard, and this is where AI comes in. We use machine learning technology to make inferences on how best to do this based on data.”

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