NEW Feature: Facebook Custom Audience Integration


May 20, 2020


Facebook Custom Audience Integration

A dynamic version of the Cohort Builder is now available with the StellarAlgo Facebook Custom Audience Integration. This addition to the way Facebook campaign audiences are maintained, through the StellarAlgo CDP, allows for audience members to be automatically added, as they become known to your organization or take action on inclusionary criteria, and removed, based on actions associated with the exclusionary criteria. For sports organizations, this new automated capability provides significant time savings and optimization of current campaigns.

You can create dynamic cohorts based on the same robust selection criteria already available in the Cohort Builder including customer demographic data, purchase history, and engagement level.

Once you have selected the desired inclusion criteria and saved your cohort as a dynamic audience, you can select the desired dates to begin and end tracking campaign success. This allows for dynamic cohorts and facebook campaigns to be set up before they are launched and automates the feedback of campaign progress.

You can then set the frequency of audience updates choosing from daily to 12 month intervals for updates to be pushed to Facebook campaigns. At the same time, you can determine the exclusion criteria based on the goal of your campaign. Products can be used as exclusionary criteria on a broad level, for example to remove season ticket members as they purchase during a renewals campaign, or on a very granular level to remove individual game buyers as they purchase for a specific game. 

Utilizing the control group option for your campaign will allow you to further understand the effectiveness of your campaign for conversion in comparison to how the control group converted without seeing your campaign. Campaign metrics are pulled directly from your Facebook for Business account to facilitate monitoring campaign progress within the StellarAlgo CDP.

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